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Try this natural protocol for getting rid of coronavirus without prescription medications.

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The port of entry of the virus is the nose, or eyes or mouth. Then it attaches to the nasal
and lung cells. This is where it gets dangerous. It can then replicate to new baby viruses.
Then it hibernates in the gut to produce no symptoms. It is only when the gut flora is
imbalanced that the virus causes symptoms in the respiratory passages.

Immediate Action is Necessary:

This is where you get to work, you use the Neubulizer with hydrogen peroxide along with the
first sign of a sniffle or a cough or any breathing discomfort.
Hydrogen Peroxide neubulization will restore the gut flora back to normal. If the
microbiome is never turned to normal the seedling of pathogens and toxins throughout the body never stops.

Protocol for Nebulizing:
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Dosage and Timing:
Early onset 3 to 4 times daily for: 10 to 15 minutes

Possible exposure once as soon possible For: 2-3 minutes
Maintenance once a week For: 2-5 minutes.

Type of Neubilzer:
Order a desk top nebulizer that plugs into the wall. (Battery operated unit are not as effective)

Instructions: How to Make Normal Saline
•Using a 16oz glass jar, fill with purified water. Do not use tap water.
•Use stainless steel measuring spoon, measure 5 grams ( ~1 tsp) Real Salt, Himalayan Salt or Celtic Salt .
•Add salt to 16oz of purified water.
•Stir to dissolve.

How to Prepare Hydrogen Peroxide for the Nebulizer
•Add 3/4 tsp of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to the 16oz jar of Normal Saline prepared above.
•Label the jar. It will last a long, long time if you keep it refrigerated. (You may want to transfer the solution to a glass dropper bottle.)

Set up the Nebulizer According to Directions
•Connect tubing to Nebulizer.
•Open Nebulizer container.
•Add 1/2 tsp (or 1 – 2 droppers) of the hydrogen peroxide/saline solution prepared above to the Nebulizer.
•Using the mask, breathe in the nebulized hydrogen peroxide.

Nebulzation protocol is a simple approach for the prevention and treatment of all respiratory tract infections. It will normalize the good flora in the digestive tract.

New week,  a more powerful combination of an nutrient that will enhance the hydrogen peroxide protocol and help protect the cells against other chronic diseases.

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