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There are multiple ways to defeat the coronavirus and its weak spots. Certainly it is difficult for some people to…

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If you have been alive and breathing on this planet in the last year and a half, you understand the devastation that has been wrought by the coronavirus known as SARS-Cov-2.

The advantage of having gone through the pandemic is that we have just experienced a dress rehearsal.  There are a lot more dangerous pathogens terrorizing our home life like Coronavirus variants.  Variants out pace the vaccine roll out. The continual emergence of these forms of a never been seen virus has created a continual Covid roulette. 

This is why we must not falter in the prevention of the pathogens.

We need to target the Covid weaknesses (toward that end, I will write blogs and post each week).   

One of the weaknesses of Covid is that it hibernates in the gut.  It doesn’t make huge amounts of the new baby virus unless you are under stress. 

And if under stress: The virus will move from the gut and travel to the lungs which can cause death like pulmonary emboli (blood clots). That is why healing begins in the gut.

Tackling the stress: First and most important, we want to make sure we don’t do things that drain our adrenals. Yes, we want to be alert, but not to the point of panic. Having an adaptogenic herb like oat straw, ginkgo biloba and licorice and lithium orotate will balance and heal the HPA pituitary/adrenal axis. 

With a calm and peaceful gut: We want the virus to go to bed with the other viruses we have in our microbiome. Intermittent fasting and eating less carbs will safely keep away the virus and  protect us from insulin resistance.  

Use free radical destroyers, like grape seed extract, D3, resveratrol, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and brussel sprouts, and organic green tea, celery and of course curcumin. 

So what feeds the virus?  Just like cancer, the culprit is sugar. However, lithium orotate is crucial for inhibiting the glucose enzyme, GSK-3, which promotes insulin resistance.  Intermittent fasting and eating less grains will decrease GSK-3. 

There are multiple ways to defeat the virus and its weak spots. Certainly it is difficult for some people to defeat the virus but they have loads of nutrient deficiencies and toxicity.  Deficiencies can be overcome and repaired, by sending the brain the right nutrition to protect the defend the gut. 

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